Fitness Myths


Have you heard such myths when it comes to fitness such as the phrase “no pain no gain.” The truth is that no fitness routine should actually hurt. Yes, you may be sore after your first fitness routine in a long while. However, you shouldn’t experience serious pain. What other myths do you believe when it comes to fitness? Here are a sampling of some myths that have reported on the website, Web MD, and the real truth behind those myths.

A Balanced Exercise Program Consists Of Three Parts

Yes, a balanced exercise program does consist of three parts. These three parts include aerobic/cardio training, strength training, and flexibility training. Three examples of these types of training include walking, weight-lifting, and yoga.

There Are Some Household Chores That Will Help You Get Fit

Yes, there are some household chores such as mowing your lawn that will help you get fit and be considered moderate forms of exercise. However, other household and personal chores are considered less forms of exercise, including shopping.

Moderate form of exercise is any form of movement that will allow you to talk through it. However, it is too tough to allow you to sing your favorite song while doing it.

You Can Still Get Fit By Breaking Up Your Fitness Routines By Ten Minute Sessions

There is good news for those of us with busy schedules. You can break up your fitness routines by ten minute sessions and still get fit. However, you must keep it within the ten minute mark.

Vigorous Exercise Will Allow You To Burn More Calories Quicker

If you can get in a session of tennis, you will burn calories faster than you will mowing the grass. This means, you should make every effort to really exercise when you have the chance. You will sweat more You will burn more calories in half the time and you will lose more fat.

Warming Up And Cooling Down Can Help Prevent Injury

Yes, taking the time to warm up and cool down your muscles before and after a workout can help prevent injury to your muscles. These stretches can help loosen your muscles and prevent soreness later on in the day or night.

Staying Hydrated Before And During Exercise Is Important

Yes, hydration is important before and during your exercising sessions. The goal is to drink 20 ounces of water two to three hours before you exercise another eight ounces twenty-five minutes prior to exercising, and ten ounces every ten to twenty minutes while exercising.

If you learn the differences between fact and myth when it comes to fitness, you can make the right fitness choices and become better at your own fitness routines.